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Happy Birthday my love

Dear Universe,

I realize it has been many moons since my previous letter. The time between letters must be related to living such a full and happy life. Of course, THIS life would not be possible if it were not for your infinite wisdom to ensure Michelle and I met. To this day, I am filled with gratitude for our meeting. We have built a wonderous relationship founded on kindness and love. We have shown immense strength in our togetherness through life’s challenges. Together, we can and do accomplish great things. I am immensely proud of the life and home we have built together. Did I mention that Michelle and I share a love of the moon? We have spent many of nights gazing at the moon together. A favorite memory …. we were floating on rafts together under a full moon during our first visit to Jamaica.  That, among many other memories brings joy to my soul.

She is a beautiful and passionate woman who unleashes the animal in me. We enjoy spending lots of time together no matter what we are doing. She is the kindest person I know and always sees the good in people. I could not be happier being her husband. She enables me to follow my dreams and is always there when I need her.

Until next time…


Living the dream

Year over year our love grows stronger

Morning noon and night we snuggle longer

I am ever grateful for our love

As the stars twinkle above

No more lonely nights

We haven’t even had any fights

Kindness is our way

So we live to snuggle another day

1,826 days of love and laughter

Dearest Michelle,
We have known each other for one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six (1,826) days. I have enjoyed every second, minute, hour, week, month, and year with you. Since the first moment you entered my life, I have known what true love and friendship really are.
These truly have been the best days of my life.

Happy “When We Met” Anniversary!

November 15, 2013 – November 15, 2018
157766400 seconds of pure loving existence
2629440 minutes building a life together
43824 hours of enjoying each others company
1826 days of life without regret
260 weeks, and 6 days of loving, laughing, and snuggling
60 months growing our family
5 years of sharing our amazing new life together

Of course, time does not exist without space. I love our space and what it means to be in it with you. We have created such a beautiful space around us for all to see. Our space is full of passion, friendship, joy and peace.

I look forward to every new second I get to spend with you, my true love. I know that we have so much adventure ahead of us and beyond.

Your devoted Husband,

1 Year and the gift of loving you

Dear Universe,

It seems like eons since my last letter. I have been consumed with the gift of loving this truly amazing woman. It’s as if time has no value when my heart and soul are so content. I can tell you I have never experienced such a love. A love that is free as the birds in the sky above. One that makes my heart feel right at home. Of course our love is so abundant and overflowing we cannot help but receive comments from close friends. In some cases we are considered an example of what love should be for others. What a blessing it is to be a part of something that has that an impact of such magnitude.

I often wonder what did I do to deserve such a beautiful love in my life. You don’t have to answer that and I’m not even sure you can. In fact, being that you are the Universe and all, do you have someone to love? That is, if you can offer gifts of love in large quantities I can only imagine you have it too. Maybe it is a neighboring parallel beauty that you have been staring at. Or that gorgeous multi-verse you have had your eye on for an eternity.  Inquiring minds, what can you do?

Michelle and I are so perfect together. I bet you didn’t know us humans could love in this way. This a love that lasts the tests of time and space (seriously). It is boundless, endless, hopeful, beautiful, kind and is full of passion. In fact it shares a lot of traits with you. So, if it is by your design well done I say, well done. I continue to be grateful for this gift of love. If I could slice a piece off and share it with all the world there would still be a lot to go around.

Until my next writing,

Scott (human)