Happy Birthday Michelle!

Dearest Michelle,

Happy Birthday babe!

Being your lover is such a joy. A joy that renewed my belief in love itself. As we journey from amazing moment to moment, I rediscover just how very fortunate I am to have met you.

I am very excited to be along for the ride on the journey into your second half of life. You have been such a positive addition to my life. I love spending time with you no matter what we are doing.

Dear universe,
Much time has passed since my last letter (lol, again…). Not that I believe you keep a score on that. In fact, I’m not sure I believed you existed. I definitely believed that putting positive energy out there can create a positive effect in my life. For some time I had been open to alternate views of how the Universe connects us all to each other. I really enjoyed learning about them. One day I got a fortune cookie that read “If you can shape it in your mind, you will find it in your life”.  I just loved the idea of it and it seemed so simple. I had already been spending a lot of time really thinking about what kind of person I wanted in my life. I imagined she would be loving and kind. I even imagined she would except me regardless of my past mistakes. The crazy thing is that it all came true when I met Michelle. This amazing woman became my love, my life, my home. I now have a deep respect for the power of the Universe in our lives.  She is everything I imagined and so much more. We literally enjoy every aspect of life together. She has a genuine big heart and cares so much for all the people in the world. Those who know her, come to know her inner peace. I can’t help but just be grateful she is in my life. I am a very lucky man indeed.




We are going to the Scorpions / Queensryche show!